Toothpaste Face

Photos by my super rad housemate, Kiara M
Boohoo cow print dress (similar here) | Jelly Beans jelly sandals (similar here) | Craig & Karl x Le Specs Hi Brow Sunglasses

Not in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would wind up wearing squiggles of minty, white toothpaste on my face (toothpaste residue yes, grossly enough, that has happened on occasions). Nor did I ever expect to finally embrace ye olde ‘monochromatic’ trend.

I am very much a fan of the unexpected – like surprise flowers or an unexpected display of bravery. Sometimes I even challenge my own self by doing what I least expect. On occasions this ends tragically (like the time I decided to challenge a man in a funnel drinking contest), and other times it ends with one tightly bandaged bloodied open wound, or me enjoying the view from a spot high up in the sky. In this case, it ended with a fabulous pair of sunglasses and a fun, casual, black and white dress.


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