The Princess and the Pastels

Suboo silk top | Suboo shorts (similar here) | Opshopped Wittner heels (similar here) | See By Chloe bag (similar here)

These shorts should come with a better warning label.

“Do not machine wash. Cold hand wash only. Do not sit. Do not stand. Do not walk. In fact, don’t do anything that could potentially crease the shorts because I CAN GUARANTEE YOU THAT THEY WILL CREASE”.

Everything about these pastel delights is so wonderful, aside from the fact they look like a crinkle cut chip before you have even left the house. Just to set things straight, I have nothing against crinkle cut chips, or creases (I have learned to love ‘artistic’ creases more as my hatred for irons has increased exponentially), but you would think that by 2014 people would have worked their way around super creasy materials. While they are looking for a cure for ironing, they may as well look for a way to make white clothing items totally spill proof (I say this an hour after spilling coffee down my white blouse and getting red lipstick on my boob).

Upon examining my wardrobe, it has been noted that pastels aren’t as prevalent as I thought they were – discounting the array of pinks and the very few purple pieces… and these lovely spring pieces from Suboo. In light of this, I have a new mission for my winter wardrobe, and that is to purchase as many ice cream hued pieces as humanly possible. If I can’t eat ice cream in winter without freezing, then I vow stay toasty warm while look like one.


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