You Are My Peaches and Potatoes

Suboo jumpsuit | Wittner wedges (similar here and here) | Anklet (similar here)

Photos by Kiara Musca

Easter long weekends are for road trips, the countryside, beach time and hanging out with family and friends. I spent the majority of my Easter long weekend doing exactly that, minus my own family. With half of them in Bunbury, half of them over in Byron and only limited funds for fuel, I made the executive decision to adopt my housemate’s family in Perth for the long weekend. So, with no family plans of my own, on Good Friday my housemate and I hightailed it into the valley on a whim, and this is what came of it.

I haven’t been out to the Swan Valley since I attended a wedding there around this time last year. I regret not going more often as it really is such a beautiful area, and it is only a 30 minute drive from home. Endless rows of vines, big estates and super golf – how could you not fall in love?! Our Good Friday escapades didn’t end there… we cafe hopped, wined and dined, beached it, visited family members, went flower shopping and attended a birthday party (not without sustaining alcohol fuelled acrobatic trick injuries). As for the rest of the weekend… oh my, that is a blur. Whoops.


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