Daisy Denims

Dotti long sleeve tee (similar here) | Missguided daisy embroidered jeans | Op shopped jacket (similar here and here) | Boohoo heels

Photos by housey Quinndonesia

When the word ‘mum’ is actually used to describe the fit of a piece of clothing, I get the shudders. Images of daggy, ill fitting garments (and June Bug, mother of Honey Boo Boo) flood my mind when ‘mum’ is used as an adjective. There is nothing attractive about that. It is like trying to attach the word ‘bogan’ to clothing in order to sell it – not am image people willingly want to associate themselves with.

Somewhere between ‘daisy embroidered jeans’ and ‘checkout’ I completely glazed over the word ‘mum’ tucked away in the description. Good thing I had selective reading because I adore them. Who knew mums were so clued on to how jeans should fit? No muffin tops thanks to the waist that actually sits on the waist, no embarrassing plumber incidences and no circulation cut off when you decide you wouldn’t mind having some range of motion. Thanks mum. As much as I choose to not listen to you, in the end, you are always right.


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