Fun(kita) in the Sun

Tropical holidays – the only type of holiday in my eyes…

Funkita bikini | Le Specs x Craig & Karl sunglasses

If you follow me on Instagram and were keeping tabs on the hashtag #lmmbgoestothailand, you would be well aware that I recently ventured abroad (it doesn’t take a genius to look at that hashtag and work out where I was!). Staying just outside of Patong in Phuket, Thailand, my mother, brother and I were privileged enough to have spent a week frolicking in the sun, heat and any body of water deemed safe for a human to swim in.

I have always considered myself to be a water baby. It is near on impossible for me to walk past a body of water (provided it is a nice looking body of water) and not want to dive in. In Thailand’s 30+ degree heat and thick humidity, there wasn’t a day that passed where we weren’t in the water for at least 50% of the day – be it our hotel pool, a beach club pool, or whatever beach, bay or cove we found. That is a good 1/4 of our holiday (remember that 1/2 of it was spent asleep) that we spent soaking our poor heat affected bodies.

It was a good thing I took 4 pairs of bikinis over because they damn well got a work out! This Funkita pair the most. Having been made with chlorine-resistant material, these babies could withstand more hotel pool frolicking than any of my other pairs. And I will reiterate… there was a lot of hotel pool frolicking that occurred (heck, Avista had 3 separate infinity pools to choose from!).

Over the next two or so weeks, there will be more Thailand related posts popping up, so stay tuned if you want to see, hear or learn more about the paradise that is Thailand!


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