Kata Thai Cooking School

The art of Thai Cuisine

… If I had the ability to attach aroma files and scratch-n-lick patches to this blog post I would do you the favour. Unfortunately all I have is a feast for your eyes…

At least 75% of my thoughts revolve around food and wine. It is fair to say I am rather obsessed. If I am not thinking about what it is I am going to cook for dinner, which bar I am going to get a delicious Chenin Blanc from, or where I can find my favourite ice cream the quickest and easiest, I am thinking about who I can get to deliver me Nando’s in bed and feed it to me whilst fanning me and singing my praises (that is a slight exaggeration). Point being, I love a good gastronomical experience. Food obsession runs in our family, with both my dad and my brother letting their creativity shine through their love for wholesome, experimental cooking. It was my little brother’s enthusiasm for cooking, and the Thai cuisine, that had us spending an extremely warm afternoon in Thailand, soaking up the aromas and flavours presented by our 2.5 hour cooking course at Kata Thai Cooking School.

Our lesson menu for the afternoon consisted of a Red Chicken Curry, Tom Kha (a delicious sweet and sour, coconut based soup) and Pad See Iw (not dissimilar to Pad Thai). It would be a lie if I said I had had better Thai food anywhere else (with the exception of Raya in Phuket Old Town) – our little 3 course feast was absolutely mind blowing! The freshest of flavours and produce, and a plethora of hints and tips on how to maximise the qualities of the ingredients, made for an absolute flavour sensation in each dish. Surprisingly, all three of the dishes were made from very few ingredients (with the exception of the red curry paste), reinforcing the idea that simple dishes are often the ones that pack the biggest punch. After having completed a traditional Thai cooking course, it has me hungry to attend classes in each of the new countries I visit. There is something special about taking recipes away from your holiday…

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