Surin Beach, Thailand



Paradise and Plaid

Thailand – home to some of the most incredible beaches, amazing animals and crazy, ridiculously cheap shopping.

I picked this dress up at the famous Phuket Night Markets on one of our last nights in Thailand. Normally, I am not a fan of shopping at markets while over seas – after seeing 10 stalls, you have pretty much seen them all. Of all the market spaces we saw, the Phuket Night Markets were by far the most expansive and the most diverse. Along with the typical knock-off stalls and phone cover stalls, there were a handful of cute little stores stocking more on trend pieces. The best part? It was all so damn cheap! I am talking ‘Supre throw out rack’ kind of pricing. The quality might not be that of Dior or Cameo, but what do you expect when you are paying a mere $7.00 for a cute little day dress? (Yes, my dress cost me all of $7.00AUD).

This sweet little dress became my best friend on the last few days of my trip. It was floaty enough to help me battle with the intense humidity, easy enough to throw on after an emergency beach dip (note: there were a lot of these) and colourful enough to put a smile on anyone’s face. If my colourful dress wasn’t enough to make to put a smile on my family and my dial, the crystal clear aquamarine water of Surin beach sure was. Perfectly matched to the blues and greens of my dress, the ocean was a picture perfect scene – better than something you would see on a postcard. It is easy to see why Surin is the celebrities destination of choice in Phuket. Lined with cute little cafes and even a few busy beach clubs, Surin wasn’t anywhere near as busy as tourist hot spot Patong. Any future Phuket trips will definitely start here… and who knows, maybe I will run into Jay-Z and Queen B.









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