An Aussie Christmas the Ceccato Way

Celebrating in a not-so-traditional way!

I finally got around to editing the very few photos I managed to snap from my family Christmas in Bunbury. Over the 3 days I was there, I really did very little photograph taking, instead choosing to indulge in drinking, conversing and eating with the family.

I see all these photos of grandiose, fanciful Christmas lunches and dinners with Christmas crackers, elaborate table settings and stunning outfits. Not us. We are more the ‘dorky costume, red can drinking (it is tradition in honour of my late nonno), Cranium playing, plastic table cloth donning’ kind of lunch table – and my gosh, we love it! Family tradition is a funny thing, because Lord knows where ours came from! Dinner is much a similar affair with everyone sitting around at my mum’s house, nibbling on dips, sipping on wine and listening to good tunes. Heck, our entire Christmas is supremely laid back. When we are not eating with family, we are down on the beach flying kites, swimming and trying to sleep off the food babies!

What sot of Christmas traditions do your family uphold? Are they formal or more laid back like mine?


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