Beauty Break: Taking 10 with Arbonne

Because I’m all about that face, ’bout that face…

I treat myself to a face mask once in never. Literally, never. Heck, I am lucky if I remember to put my moisturiser on every day. My extreme inexperience with a full blown skin regime meant that when I was given the opportunity to road test this Arbonne Seasource Detox Spa face and body mask, I jumped at the chance. It is about time I treated my skin to something decadent!

Pepperminty and a fun shade of teal, there is everything to love about this sea salt, algae and seaweed based mask. It left my face feeling fresh, soft and clear, and a massive mess on my bathroom sink (My inexperience really showed here and I think I may have gone in a little too enthusiastic). If my photographed faces don’t give it away, I am certain I am in love with the idea of a mud mask. Is it a sin to leave it on for longer than the specified 15 minutes just for novelty green-faced purposes?

Do you include a mask in your skin regime? How often do you use them? What type of mask do you prefer?


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