Wardrobe Maxi-misation

Maxi dresses on mini people, they really do work.

Showpo dress | Vintage belt | Misano wedges | Thailand sunglasses
Photos by Evie at According To Evie

West Australians – ‘sand gropers’.

We live and breathe beach. At any given opportunity, a west Aussie will escape to the coast to get their hair salty and their feet sandy. Our penchant for the beach life has us all owning an impressive bikini collection (maybe not the men of WA…), multiple wide brimmed hats, and too many pairs of flip flops to count. It also has a very distinct impact on what we choose as our non-beach attire.

West Aussies favour the ultra casual. In a lot of cases, men’s non-beach attire is exactly the same as their beach attire – board shorts, double pluggers and a singlet. These guys win at practicality and well used wardrobes. Other men manage to get away with shorts and a button up at a dinner party, or thongs with a suit. It isn’t uncommon to see ladies in the west getting around day by day in a simple little dress and sandals, denim shorts and an oversized ‘Nirvana’ singlet, or jeans and a t-shirt. A far cry from the streets of London and Milan, but it is Perth’s very own signature ‘laid back’ style. I commend us for being able to finally put meaning to the words ‘smart casual’.

Walking the streets in anything other than Perth’s signature style commands attention – especially when necklines are low and the heels high. Admittedly, it is a little awkward being stared at for potentially being a little over dressed, but I am determined to use all pieces of my wardrobe at any time. This means beautiful long, sheer maxi dresses as beach throw overs, low cut maxi dresses as shopping attire and heels as every day shoes.


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