Elk at Angove

‘Equinox’ – Winter 2015

If you happened to read my last post, you would be well aware of what I think of Winter.

On Tuesday night, I attended my first winter runway show for 2015 – Elk Accessories ‘Equinox’. As someone who is notorious for wearing the most inappropriate winter outfits (I am perpetually cold because I don’t understand the concept of layering), I went into the show excited to be gaining an education on how to put together clean (climate appropriate) winter outfits. I had even accepted that the runway would probably present a lot of, what I will say is probably my least favourite shade, black.

All of my preparation went unneeded in the end – I was pleasantly surprised by what Elk sent down the runway! There were gorgeous pops of colour, pretty prints and crazy cool tailoring, things that I had accepted as being quite rare to find in Winter collections. There was even a nod to the tracksuit pant – possibly the best thing to come out of the need for warmth in Winter. With gorgeous understated hair by Fatty Arbuckles, and very simple styling, the whole show was very relaxed and easy on the eye. We were even able to see each garment up close thanks to the intimate setting the show took place in.

If you aren’t yet familiar with Elk, I definitely suggest dropping in to The Angove St Collective to sift through their winter collection. The simple, easy to style and often colourful pieces will make the perfect addition to any winter wardrobe!


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