Festival Fun

Not to be confused with the Laneway of the St Jerome’s kind…


Vintage head scarf (similar here) | Glamourous fit crop tank from Glue Store | Stussy beach shorts from Glue Store | Jeffrey Campbell heels

Photos by Alice from The Mod Blog and myself

Summer is for the beach, Sunday sessions, late night bicycle rides and festivals. Listening to live music in the sun, cold beer in hand, has got to be up there with ‘the best feeling in the world’. With the rapid decline in the number of CD sales, and the advent of illegal torrenting and Spotify, musicians are having to find other avenues in which to generate revenue. Insert: massive boom in the number of live music events happening about Australia. I, for one, am ecstatic to see such a huge number of shows, festivals and concerts rolling through Perth – the feeling you get seeing your favourite band play live is an experience well worth the (more often than not) exorbitant one off fee.

With my limited bank account, and my desire to see as many live acts as I possibly can, it is events like the free 92.9 Lane way gigs that get me (and the rest of Perth it would seem) really excited. I spend a lot of time and money on experiencing live music, so hearing of free events like these is like a blessing from heaven. I am not normally a 92.9 listener, but with them bringing through awesome acts like Yolanda Be Cool, and on February 20th Vance Joy, I feel I should at least be appreciative of their efforts to make live music accessible to all (ahem… strapped little me). I am more than grateful that they front the cost of these live artists, all the while supporting them, us as consumers and listeners, and starting something exciting for the residents of Perth.

Who would you like to see pop up at a free lane way gig?


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