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From Day to ‘Yay!’


Fendi sunglasses | Temps Perdu top | Sportsgirl skirt (similar here and here) | KMart flats (similar here and here) | Typo Diary | Diavolina heels (similar here) | Zara clutch (similar here and here)
Photos by Jenelle at Inspiring Wit

There are approximately 2 days out of 7 in which I am home before dinner time, and by ‘home before dinner time’ I mean that I am walking in the door at 7.00pm. Squeezing work, blogging and socialising into one schedule makes for a very busy Mon. When I am strapped for time as it is, I see no point in heading home to change before I embark on my evening adventures, be it attending a blogging event, socialising or simply more work. This means that I not only have to plan out my schedule very carefully, but I also have to plan my outfits for the day very strategically. I spend almost every morning putting together outfits that I know easily transition from work appropriate to event/function/hanging out with friends, because, let’s face it, who knows what is going to happen post 5.00pm!

I was asked by Skyy Vodka to give some easy tips on how I take my outfits from #beforepartyy (ahem… for most of us this means ‘work’, other times it means pre-drinks) to play. For me, there are a few easy rules of thumb…

  1. If you work full time from one office/store/venue, find yourself a little spot to store a pair of heels. Heels instantly change the look of any outfit, immediately making you feel more confident and sexy. Failing this, who doesn’t love purchasing a new pair of shoes…
  2. Always carry a lipstick with you – preferably red. If I am going to be in an office all day, tucked away where nobody can see me, I don’t bother with makeup. Slicking on a layer of bright red lipstick before you head out of the office and to after work drinks takes your outfit from ‘every day’ to ‘yay!’
  3. Slip a small clutch into your work tote – it only needs to be big enough to carry your purse (or some money and cards), phone, lipstick and keys. Leave your giant, file and laptop lugging tote at work, and carry a small, sleek clutch instead. It is much more elegant, and with those high heels and red lips nobody would believe you had just come from work.
  4. Make sure the outfit you choose to wear is a) safe enough for work but b) interesting enough to possibly turn a few heads later. An easy way to do this is to choose a top, skirt, pants or dress with adequate coverage, but that also has an interesting detail, print or colour. You are not compromising your professionalism with awkwardly placed cut-outs, but you aren’t sacrificing an exciting ‘party’ outfit for later on either.
A few quick accessory and makeup changes and I am ready to leave the daily grind and nestle into a cosy small bar… of which there are oodles in Perth. (Un)fortunately for me (I can’t tell whether this next statement is a good or a bad thing), I live in Mt Lawley, a hub of social activity that is only a stone’s throw from 4 other equally exciting hubs – Northbridge, the city, Leederville and Maylands. In the past 5 years, Perth has seen an explosion of small bars opening up in Perth. On any given afternoon, I have a plethora of options before me. Some of my favourite go-to’s (and pit stops that lay along my route home) are Lot20, Choo Choos, Lafayette, The Flour Factory (and The Sherry), Dominion League, Mechanics, The Brisbane, Enrique’s School For To Bullfighting, El Publico, Five and Clarence’s (and this is just a small selection of some of my frequented bars!). Blogging events expand my horizons even further, taking me as far as bars and functions in Claremont, Fremantle and even North Perth. I have no chance of a week sans bar pit stop, or one in which I am not required to carry about my camera and a spare pair of heels!
How do you ensure you are prepared for a night out straight after work? Do you have any hints and tips you can share with me? I would love to hear them!



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