Sofia Capri on King

Ciao Sofia Capri, come stai bella?

Common perception is that the ‘Italian made’ stamp on shoes indicates quality, luxury and durability. That common perception isn’t misguided. Italy is home to infinite artisan shoe crafting companies, many of which were passed down from generation to generation, who individually hand craft every pair of shoes that leaves their premises. In a world where mass production is now common ground, the attention paid in the handcrafting of a pair of shoes makes all the difference. As we progress in years, it becomes more evident that investing that little bit more money for shoes that wear beautifully and last the distance is far more desirable than picking up a cheap, slap dash pair of mass produced kicks that look ratty after only a few wears.

Thanks to the recent opening of the Sofia Capri pop-up store on the European-esque King St, we now have the luxury of such high quality workmanship right here on our doorstep. For the first time ever, Sofia Capri has crossed the seas from the Isle of Capri and landed on Australian shores. Made by resident craftswoman Ima (whom we had the pleasure of meeting and watching in action), Sofia Capri pumps out no more than 30 pairs of shoes per day – and that is on a typically busy day. The highly individual nature of the brand has even allowed for the creation of a special edition ‘King St Precinct’ sandal, inspired by our beautiful green and gold land.

The Sofia Capri pop-up store is only around for another few days (closing on Feb 28th), so head down to 43 King St and pick up a gorgeous, hand made pair of leather sandals before they (and summer) are gone for good!


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