You can take the girl out of dancing, but you will never take the dancer out of the girl.


Uscari dress | Love Shop Share x Ballettonet flats
Photos by Tristan Ceccato

Quitting dance is like going through a break up. You break up with someone and, no matter how rational you think your adult self is, everything starts to remind you of that person. Like smelling the scent they used to wear, or hearing the song they always used to belt out in the shower or even seeing the same model car that they used to drive. You quit dancing, and all of a sudden everything makes you miss dance or want to dance. Our rational adult minds are so supremely irrational when it comes to something you once loved.

I can’t look at lace bobby socks without wanting to break into my CSTD Intermediate Bronze Tap Medal time step. I can’t pick up a hair donut without longing to be in a tutu again. Winged eyeliner? Synonymous with being on stage. Beige silk? Ballet. Literally everything reminds me of when I used to dance. Certain songs, being on tippy toes, leggings… everything.

Name aside, these Ballettonet flats are hands down one of the strongest dance memory triggers – their simple elegance, their gorgeous blush tone and their striking resemblance to a pointe shoe. With ballet being closer to my heart than both tap and jazz, I just couldn’t resist putting on some winged liner and taking them for a spin (ahem, pirouette). Note the beige silk dress for added ‘fond balletic memories’ effect.


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