Karrinyup Swim Resort 2015

Sand, sun, surf and swimwear…

The calendar is telling us that it is the end of summer, but the weather here in Perth is telling us otherwise. The next week is forecast to be a steady 30-32 degrees, and there still isn’t a cloud in the sky. Our seemingly constant pleasant weather is the best excuse to embrace our gorgeous coast and consequent lifestyle. Karrinyup Shopping Centre (KSC) didn’t miss that memo, and used our endless summer weather to their advantage in their latest collection showcase.

A fortnight ago, Karrinyup sent a troupe of models and a drumming band (followed by a group of paparazzi style media) strutting around Scarborough, showcasing the centre’s current swim and resort offerings. If there was ever a way to remind people that summer, swimwear and beach side pit stops weren’t going to be a thing of the past anytime soon, it was this. With looks from budget friendly Big W, all the way to Seafolly, there was a swimsuit to suit every budget and body. There were even a few surprises in there from active wear companies Lululemon and Runningbare.

With store windows starting to look more and more wintery, it was refreshing to be reminded that we still have a lot of swimming to do before the cool weather sets in!


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