Making Old New Again

How to avoid the outfit repeat without making a trip to the shops

Op-shopped blouse (similar here) | Zara jeans (similar here) | Op Shopped shoes (similar here)
Photos by Adelle from Where The Styled Things Are

The fashion industry puts an immense amount of pressure on society – especially those of us who are working within the fashion industry – to continuously be presenting in the latest trends and newest season clothing. When attending upwards of 2 different fashion/lifestyle events each week, this outlook can really take its toll on us (and our wallets!). A lot of my friends assume that I have a giant wardrobe full of crazy wonderful, latest season clothing. The truth is, my wardrobe probably isn’t any bigger than that of your average, fashion loving female, and it isn’t full of beautiful, luxurious, new-season clothing.

Being on a bit of a shopping ban (Lord help me, when will it end?!), and tiring of the ‘oh my gosh, I have nothing new to wear’ pre-event panic, has taught me to really appreciate what I already have hanging in my wardrobe. Instead of using an event as an excuse to go and purchase a new piece for my wardrobe, I look to my existing wardrobe first and build from there. Take this striped shirt for example. I purchased this size 18 blouse from an op-shop years ago and have been in love with it ever since. The shoes I bought maybe a year later, at yet another op-shop. I have worn both items out umpteen times, but it doesn’t phase me in the slightest.

So, without the luxury of shopping for new items whenever I please, how do I ‘make old new again’ and avoid the dreaded outfit repeat? These are the rules two I live by:

1. Get creative

Need to wear that $500.00 pink sequin top more to make it worth it’s value in dollars? Get inventive. Start off by pulling the most obvious combos – e.g. your sequin top and white jeans – then (if you are brave enough), start pulling combos you that seem a little more off kilter. Try shake things up by tucking you pink, glittery beauty into a fitted high waisted skirt, pairing it with a completely contrasting colour or wearing it over a dress. Just give it a try. There was a reason God blessed us with Pinterest and full length mirrors, right?

2. Be confident

Confidence gets you through almost every situation.

Confidence comes in the way you carry yourself – so if you walk out of the house in a 3-seasons-old dress with your shoulders back and head held high, chances are you are going to look fantastic and nobody will even bat an eyelid (unless it is in flattery, of course). The best part is the surprise on people’s faces when you tell them that dress you are so confidently wearing is actually 3 seasons old.


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