Sunday Speed Croquet at the Boulevard

Rocket Ball… It’s not rocket science

Pics by myself, Tristan Ceccato, Emily at Vintage Chic and Mario Recchia at Inspiring Wit

Croquet – it doesn’t exactly conjure up the most exciting of thoughts, but speed it up a little, call it ‘rocket ball’, get some good food, alcohol and tunes involved, and my interest is piqued a little more. Me being me, I am always pretty open to trying new things, so when we were invited to go and participate in a little Sunday rocket ball at Cambridge Croquet Club with the Boulevard Hotel, I was ready and raring to go.
The concept was pretty simple, and not dissimilar to that of the very popular summer sport ‘barefoot bowls‘. We turned up, grabbed ourselves a Veuve or Stella (or both if you were me), and grabbed a mallet and another 3 friends for a 15 minute round. With 10 seconds to make each move, the fast paced nature of the game made for lots of laughs (at the expense of our terrible aim) and definitely had our interest and excitement right to the 15th minute.
Unfortunately for my brother and I, our preoccupation with our Stella‘s and the amazing food that was being pumped out of The Boulevard’s kitchen (the salmon and famed sausage rolls were a stand out!), meant that we lost dramatically to the super blogger team – Jenelle and Emily. We quickly forgot our failed attempt at becoming rocket ball champions, and got to enjoying the rest of the afternoon learning to pour our own Stella’s and listening to the smooth soul tunes of DJ Charlie Bucket and Jimmy Lips Murphy – a Sunday very well spent in my eyes!
See all of the photos from the day over at the Little Miss Mon Bon Facebook Page!



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