Quality alone time… how do you do it?

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In all honesty, I have a bit of trouble enjoying solitude. I would prefer to be doing nothing and be in good company, than I would running around with so much to do all on my lonesome. When I do catch some alone time, I prefer it to be in short bursts (1-2 hours is suffice) and buffered by other fun social activities. It somewhat assures me that the alone time is a good and planned thing (this could also be me being very anal about having to have everything planned and organised and completely understood). Ahhhhh… the curse of the self confessed ‘social scene lover’/control freak.
Being young and relatively responsibility free (no children, no pets, no fast paced global empire to head up… yet), I need to start cherishing the fact that I have the opportunity to find ample hours of alone time each week. Heck, what some people would do to even get 30 minutes of quality ‘me time’ every few days! I could embellish and say that I like to meditate, make my own kombucha and do the gardening in my own time, but if I am going to be truthful, I am not that wholesome and, when found with an hour or so of free time, I love nothing better than sitting down with a good glass of wine, some cheese, an easy reading (read: picture) book and myself. Blame those ‘social scene lover’ and ‘alcohol enthusiast’ traits of mine!
As luck would have it, I recently came into possession of a case of assorted Yalumba wines. If there was ever an excuse to kick back, relax and enjoy solitude, it was this happy package. Growing up drinking full bodied, home made red wine and lemonade around Nonna’s table, I have long been a fan of a good, punchy red – anything that is heavy on the tannins and spicy in flavour. As I have forayed further into world of wine, I have come to appreciate lighter varietals such as Pinot Noir and even the wines that once were my foes, rose and whites. There is a time and place for everything – a motto I should stick by more often. With a bottle of Yalumba Patchwork Shiraz (pandering to that hankering for a bold flavoured glass) on the table, and a side of opinion splitting blue cheese and crowd pleasing brie, alone time no longer looks so bad! Bringing some of the elements that I so love about going out and socialising into a smaller, less elaborate setting, is the perfect way for me to start learning to love solitude. Baby steps Mon, baby steps.
Are you the ultimate indulgence type (a la Mon) when it comes to alone time, or do you prefer to refine your musical skills, cook or even go on a hike when you find yourself with a few spare hours in the day? Enlighten me… I would like to try some of your suggestions!

Yalumba will be bringing their pop-up wine bar to the Urban Orchard on March 18th as a part of the Night Noodle Markets. Running until the 29th of March, this two storey converted sea container-come-bar is a must see!



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