Brews in The Beer Garden at The Boulevard Hotel

Learning is aided by passion… and a pint

I take my beer drinking very seriously. As a long time fan of the ‘frothy’, I take pride in learning everything I can about the beverage I so dearly love. If I am to be completely honest, I am a total beer nerd. Does that come as surprising? (My Instagram doesn’t give away my passion for alcohol at all…)

I find that the best resource when it comes to learning more about beer is the brewer themselves. Sounds pretty self explanatory really, doesn’t it? Hearing exactly how a certain beer is brewed (direct from the mouth of the man or woman that makes it), understanding the different components that affect taste, and being able to taste those exact flavours in the beer right then and there is as good as beer education gets. I have previously attended an amazing beer master class with the crew from Little Creatures at The Brisbane Hotel, but this weekend just gone it was their sister venue, The Boulevard, doing all of the educating.
Saturday saw the Boulevard’s beer garden over run by representatives from Little Creatures, Pirate Life, Batlow Cider Co, Custard & Co, Eagle Bay, Colonial, Young Henry’s and Camden Town brewery’s. I was completely in my element talking pale ales and boutique breweries with the guys behind the brewing, and it was so inspiring to see how passionate they were about their concoctions. I learned about ‘sour beer’ (a lactic fermentation process that is left to nature), 360 cans and the push to bring the humble lager back into the spotlight (at the moment it is all about the pale ale’s and the IPAs). It was the most fun educational setting one could ask for, and not just because we were encouraged to have a beer in our hands. 
Post tasting session and yarns, we sat down to a ‘beer degustation’ long table lunch. Our four course meal, showcasing head chef Matthew Powell’s new autumn menu, was accompanied by 8 matched brews from the current and upcoming beer lists, and a lot of sun soaking. So often we sit down to a wine degustation, so it was nice to be guided in the right direction as to what beer to drink with what meal. It goes without saying that the porchetta and cider were a match made in heaven, but pairing lamb tortelloni with a floral pale ale was not a road I would have thought to go down! By the end of the day, it was fairly safe to say we rolled out of there and – dare I say it – we were all a full bottle on beer. Boom boom!
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