Modern Day Cinderella

Standing the test of time…


My old school ball dress | Op shopped heels | Op shopped bag | Borrowed umbrella

Photos by Adelle from Where The Styled Things Are

Fun fact: this dress was my Year 12 ball dress. Yes, I wore this dress to my ball EIGHT and a bit years ago. 8 years old and it looks as though it could be on the racks of any boutique right this minute.

It isn’t often that we really get to dress up to the nines, in fact, I can’t remember the last time I got to do so! Aside from my year 12 ball, there really have only been a handful of events in which I get to go all out. The invite to the launch of the ‘Dior and I‘ movie-mentary at the Luna Cinemas two weeks ago requested that guests come in their best ‘Dior inspired outfit’, which to me, was being dressed to the nines in this very classic, almost vintage look. After googling some classic Dior looks, this dress seemed like a no-brainer. It reminds me of all of those gorgeous hour glass celebrating Dior dresses that Mr Dior was so well known for (I learned this one from the movie!). The movie-mentary even showcased a very similar dip-dyed dress from Raf Simons‘ very first Dior couture collection. Whenever I think ‘Dior’ I think of very clean and timeless pieces, and it really got me thinking as to what it is exactly that makes a piece of clothing, or an accessory, ‘timeless’.

There are a few things it boiled down to – colour, cut and material. There is a reason that the 80’s are so memorable and not so often relived in the fashion world… the colour scheme, the choice of materials and the cuts just weren’t quite right. Patent fluorescent pink pumps really aren’t for everyone, nor are they in it for the long haul. Multi-coloured nylon parachute pants? Put them in the same basket as the pumps. While we can sometimes still get away with these statement pieces (I do as much as I can!), they are by no means considered ‘timeless’. A piece that is cut to a womanly shape (sans mid-riff baring cut outs and crazy, asymmetrical hems) in a soft but resilient material and a neutral/muted shade is, more often than not, going to make it through the years. Who would have ever thought I would be able to say that I can still wear my high school ball dress? I guess I made all of the right choices!

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