Recreating a Fashion Era With Rockingham Shopping Centre

“… cause it’s true. no ideas original, right? But a different perspective can give a new light.” Illy, ‘Heard It All Before’

Supre crop (similar here) | Lee jeans (from Live Clothing) | Dotti heels | Valleygirl jumper (similar here)
Photos by Adelle from Where The Styled Things Are
Post sponsored by Rockingham Shopping Centre

The fashion industry – just like the music industry, the hospitality industry and even the medical industry – is so heavily influenced by decades gone. An idea may seem totally new and ground breaking, but on a deeper level it is all just layer upon layer of inspiration. In fact, it was only recently that I sat through a series of presentations by local designers in which they discussed their design aesthetic and their influences. Some referenced the old digger uniforms, others the idea of a medieval, whimsical world, all of them clothing of a time once gone.

Over the weekend, myself and a handful of Perth fashion bloggers (see here to find out who!) participated in a fun little project for Rockingham Shopping Centre. Armed with coffee and a budget of $300.00, we were let loose around the centre with the aim of recreating an outfit from an image we had chosen from another era. I chose an image of Heather Locklear in her Melrose Place days, circa early 90’s. It is a time I don’t even remember (I was still in nappies), yet it is a time I am so familiar with in a fashion vein. The 90s have come full circle in the fashion world, and season after season we are seeing it creep back in to our wardrobes.

This season it is all about the 90’s grunge/Clueless/college sport look. Forget the Doc Martins, this winter, tartan, cable knit and numbered jersey crops are all hot ticket items. How do I know? Every second store (so every store that stocked womenswear) gave a gentle nod, by way of a few clothing items, to any one of the aforementioned trends. This made my job of modernising the ‘Heather Locklear sport crop and high waisted jeans’ look really easy, as almost every store I visited paid homage to the ‘college sport’ style. The best part? This modern take on a throwback style is so budget friendly, as the majority of it was sourced from Australian high-street stores. Yay for being able to trial a trend for less!

This month Rockingham Shopping Centre are running the ‘Swap My Style’ campaign, encouraging shoppers to donate a bag of their unworn clothing, in return for a $20.00 RSC voucher. All donations will then be sent to the Salvation Army to help those in need. If you are feeling lucky, you can even enter for the chance to win a $200.00 RSC voucher – all you have to do is vote for your favourite blogger rework! Simply head to the RSC Facebook page, check out the entries, and cast your vote here!



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