Top Apps for the Busy Blogger

Convenience is now a necessity. With everything we do being able to be done on the run, the demand for time saving apps and programs is always increasing…

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The advent of social media, smart phones and emails means that we have instant access to almost any information that we want at any point in time, anywhere. We can send an email from the airport, on our phones, at 3.00am in the morning if we please. These instantaneous methods of connecting and information sharing only make us more eager to find quicker, easier answers to other processes in our lives. An electric vacuum cleaner isn’t quick and easy enough? Let’s make a robotic vacuum cleaner to save you the time and hassle. Hate being put on hold at the taxi call centre? No worries, let’s create an instant app that takes 15 seconds to book you a car. The modern world is always finding faster, simpler ways to complete every day tasks.

As a blogger with a very fast paced life, time saving ingenuities are something I am always on the lookout for. With multiple social media accounts to run, this space and a handful of different email addresses, it can all get quite overwhelming at times – especially when I can’t be at a screen for a prolonged period of time. Over the course of the last few years, I have found a number of applications that I absolutely swear by to help me manage my social media and blogging duties on a day to day basis. If you, like me, find it hard to keep up with the Kardashians your emails, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and everything else, take a look at these life-saving apps – I promise your life will be changed!

Hootsuite is a streamline web based program (now available in the app store too) that allows you to schedule Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and LinkedIn updates all from the one spot. It handles multiple accounts, and you can view multiple feeds on the one screen. This means that you can even respond to comments on your different feeds, from different accounts, all in the one spot. Did I explain that well enough? I feel like you need to trial it to really understand the beauty of this program!

Finally, an app that helps you manage multiple Instagram accounts. Hootsuite handles everything else but Instagram, so hallelujah for Takeoff! Takeoff’s one small flaw lies here – although you are able to manage many different Instagram accounts from Takeoff, you still have to manually log in and log out of each account through Instagram before using Takeoff to post. So what does this app actually do? It allows you to schedule Instagram posts according to the ‘best time’ that is calculated by the app, or at a manually entered time that suits you. It sends a reminder to your phone when the post is due to go live, so you can go into the app and hit send when it is convenient for you.

Now this one is a little different. It isn’t a scheduling app, and it doesn’t really have anything to do with social media directly. VSCO Cam is my one stop shop for on the run photo editing. If I am to be honest, I don’t put a photo on Instagram without running it through VSCO Cam first (that is if it hasn’t been edited on my laptop through Photoshop). Not only can you crop, adjust contrast, lighten the shadows and up the vibrance of an image manually in this program, but there are some amazing pre-set filters (they are far better than anything you find on Instagram!). The VSCO Cam gallery also becomes a bit of a trial run space to see if your next photo is going to fit with your current Instagram gallery. Best of all, you can post directly from VSCO Cam to all your social media channels!

Now this one may seem somewhat self explanatory, but I swear that the ability to access your files from your computer, phone and tablet with not so much as the bat of an eyelid is phenomenal. Edit a photo on your laptop, save it to your dropbox folder (which, when you integrate it with your operating system, looks and works just like any normal folder) and watch it appear on your dropbox app within minutes. Gone are the days of having to manually upload files to your phone and tablet through a USB sync!

What apps do you swear by to help you manage your blog? I would love to learn about some newbies!


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