6 Things You Have To Do On A Summer Vacation

We’re all going on a summer holiday… and doing all of the things we should be doing on a summer holiday


Hello Parry top | Op shopped skirt (similar here) | Kmart sandals
Photos by my dad

Location: Bali, Indonesia

I have only ever been on one winter holiday in my life, and it is fair to say it really is not my piece of cake. I am terrible with the cold at the best of times, so to pack up and head overseas to a snowy city is a right struggle – especially when you know you won’t be able to feel your fingers, toes and face for the majority of the trip. Wearing 3 pairs of socks and a pair boots (and still having numb toes) is not my idea of fun. ‘Fun’ holidays are the ones in which the days are long, the sun is warm and the food and drink plentiful. If I don’t need to pack a bikini, I don’t need to be going (in a loose sense). The idea of spending days, even weeks, frolicking in the sun, sand and surf is nothing short of dreamy.

With our weather here in Perth taking a sharp dip to around the 2 degree mark (hello fresh mornings!), I can’t help but keep thinking about my recent trip to Bali and the thick, warm air and endless sunshine. It seems that there are so many more things to enjoy when the weather is pushing the 30’s. In fact, I even have a list of things that should be done when the weather is pushing 30, your days are free and you are in country, city or town other than your own…

1. Spend an entire day by the pool doing nothing

Grab a good book, the poolside menu and a towel and your day is set. There are so few times you can get away with doing literally nothing all day, so embrace the weather and your free schedule, and get to doing sweet F. A.

2. Put away the map and just walk

Exploring your surroundings is one of the most exciting things about travel. Putting away the map, forgetting any plans and just walking is how all of the hidden gems are found (i.e. Revolver in Bali!). Sure, you may get a bit lost without a map, but there are always taxi’s to help you get home!

3. Try every cocktail on the cocktail list

You are on holiday right? Sleep in’s and big buffet breakfasts are totally a thing, and a good way to recover from the night before! If you can’t fathom making your way through an entire cocktail list (I admit, some are quite exhaustive!), at least give some cocktails you have never tried before a red hot go! I would suggest a peach bellini, mint julep or white wine sangria.

4. Get a tan

Please note: I do not condone a lack of sun safety. Slather yourself in sunscreen (the Le Tan coconut range is my absolute fave!), soak up the vitamin D and watch a gradual natural tan appear. Or for those ladies who prefer their tan in a can, let loose with the St Tropez and get an instant sun kissed glow!

5. Eat fruit for every meal

Summer holidays generally take place in the same location that all of the best fruits grow. Pineapple, coconut, lychees and dragon fruit for days! While you have access to it all, make the most of it. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t also be eating the local cuisine at every given opportunity, but you should be taking every chance you can to explore the local selection of fruits.

6. Head to a day spa

That full body scrub and massage was never more appropriate than on your summer holiday. Get the circulation flowing and your skin looking super supple in your new bikini. My go-to choices on a holiday are definitely a mani, pedi and full body massage!