A Nod to the Skinny Jean

How do you feel about the skinny jean? Do you still think they are stylish?

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There have been some interesting opinion articles about the relevance of the skinny jean circulating the internet recently. A lot of fashion websites have suggested that the skinny jean is on the way out in 2015, and all focus is on the looser legged ‘mum jean’ and even the flare. As we are rolling in to the winter season, I see no drop in the abundance of skinny jeans that are available for purchase, despite the opinion that they are no longer the ‘in thing’.

Question: When was the last time you listened to a trend forecast and stuck to it like it was Gospel?

Personally, my answer to that is ‘never’. Before we became such an internet and social media driven society, there really were only two sources for all of your on-trend fashion information – print magazines and retail stores. Whatever was pumped out through these sources was what we clung onto and was what became ‘trendy’. Nowadays, we are at the helm of the fashion world. We have so much information and so many resources at our fingertips, that we no longer feel the need to follow trends, and we are more comfortable in exploring our own ideas of style. Personal style isn’t about trends, personal style is about what you like, what you feel comfortable in and what makes you happy.

So, fashion world, I will not stop buying skinny jeans just because you say they are no longer ‘cool’. As much as I appreciate other styles of jeans, and probably will purchase more pairs outside of the skinny, I will not give up the skinny jean entirely. What other jean fits so nicely into a pair of winter boots?

What is your allegiance to the skinny jean?


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