Reinvent Me: The Low Cut Top

Are you starting to tire of your wardrobe? Give it a whole new lease on life by completely reinventing the pieces you already have… 


Supre top (worn backwards) | Cheap Monday Jeans from The Iconic | Betts Heels
Photos: Adelle at Where The Styled Things Are

The low cut top – quite the dramatic statement piece.

There is a certain time and place for the low cut top. Generally that time and place doesn’t include family dinners, work, food shopping or date night at the movies. In fact, the low cut top is only really appropriate at events, or on a night out. The ‘time and place’ appropriateness of a low cut top can unfortunately mean that it is rarely pulled out of the wardrobe, making the dollar-per-wear figure much higher than that of something like a good pair of jeans, and let’s face it, we all love getting that dollar-per-wear figure down as much as we can.

Reinventing your low cut tops to be backless is a fantastic way to get them out of the wardrobe more, and even showcase them in environments you would never have dared to when worn the correct way around. It can also make it easier to style with high waisted skirts/shorts/pants without compromising the overall ‘low cut’ look, and you can just about throw your hollywood tape in the bin. There won’t be any revealing wardrobe malfunctions this way around! Yes, this is in fact a top that was made with the intention of wearing it the other way around. Able to be worn open, as is, with another top underneath, or a little more modestly when clipped together to the breast bone with some hook and eyes, this stripey number can be reinvented in many different ways!