Staying Social In The Winter Months

Because, let’s face it, our beds are far more attractive in winter…


On Tuesday night, myself and some fellow blogging friends were invited to a night of food, drink and comedy at The Brisbane Hotel and Lazy Susan’s Comedy Den. It was a cold Tuesday night, making it hard to shake the allure of bed, but none-the-less, we all manned up, threw on some winter warmers and ventured out ready to wine, dine, laugh and catch up.

Yes, it is damn hard to build up the desire to go out in the winter months, especially when you aren’t fortunate enough to live just a hop, skip and jump from major entertainment hotspots. Lucky for me, I live a 5 minute drive from The Brisbane Hotel (and other amazing Beaufort St/Northbridge establishments), so remaining social as the weather gets wetter and cooler doesn’t seem to be too much of an effort (I think it is worth a mention that I also don’t have a partner I could be snuggling with instead either). But for those of you who reach for the remote and your cuddle buddy as soon as the clouds roll in, here are some hot little tips to get yourself out and about as the temperature starts to plummet.

1. Find a cosy establishment you can rely on.

This, for me, is the Brisbane. Their warm, inviting venue, super friendly staff and extensive food and beverage menus tick all of the boxes. In fact, they never disappoint. They even cover tip #2 with their comedy den upstairs, and $5.00 entry on Tuesdays. If you can find a handful of reliable and hospitable venues (coffee stores, bars, restaurants, libraries… you name it!), and vow to visit at least one a week, you are well on your way to remaining social.

2. Actively search out fun events.

Sign up to pop culture websites (The Thousands, Pedestrian TV and Urban Walkabout are some of my favourites!) and Facebook pages dedicated to sharing what is happening in your town or city. Each week they spit out a list of umpteen events that are going on about the place. The more aware you are of things that are going on about you, big or small, the more likely you are to get up and go. After all, nobody likes to be hit with a severe case of #FOMO do they?

3. Purposely shop a little bit short.

This may sound ridiculous, but it works! Buy just enough for 6 home dinners each week, and the 7th is left to either a last minute grocery run or a dinner out with friends. If you need all the coaxing from the couch that you can get, this one works. Trust me, I fall for this one every time because a cheap dinner at the local dim sum with friends is much more enticing than rice and soy sauce.

4. Don’t change into your pyjamas as soon as you get home.

This is a trap. As soon as you are out of your day wear and into something comfy, squishy and warm, you are at the point of no return. Resist the urge to change, resist the couch that is calling your name, and you are more likely to commit to heading out than you are if you succumb to the socks and oversized hoody.



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