The Mt Lawley Life

Love where you live!


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Photos: Adelle at Where The Styled Things Are

If you follow me on Instagram and/or Snapchat, you will be all too familiar with my love affair for 6050 (#mtlawleylife). After moving to Mt Lawley just under two years ago, my passion that has developed for the area, the small businesses in the area and the people of Mt Lawley has made it hard to ever fathom living in another suburb. The key to the charm of Mt Lawley is the amazing sense of community. Growing up in a small town south of Perth, I am accustomed to living in tight knit communities. In my schooling years, our family knew everyone that lived on our street, we couldn’t go into town without striking up at least 5 conversations with the different people that we ran into, and supporting small businesses was all we knew how to do.

I find these homely creature comforts in Mt Lawley. On any given morning, I can head down to Mary Street Bakery and run into at least 2 people I know in store. I can stop in at The Brisbane, Enriques, Five, Clarences or the Flying Scotsman for an afternoon drink and if there are no locals/regulars about, there are always friendly staff members and my ever growing pile of work to keep me company. I can pop down to grab the paper from the Beaufort St newsagents and a bunch of flowers from one of the many flower grocers on a Saturday morning, and always get totally lost in the hustle and bustle for a few hours. Beaufort St is my favourite place to be.

Despite my love for the Beaufort St strip, I have come to realise that I haven’t really dedicated much of my blog space to the amazing establishments that are housed on Beaufort. So, I will be starting a regular ‘Mt Lawley Life’ section on Little Miss Mon Bon, where I will feature my favourite hang outs, people, eateries, and things to do in Mt Lawley. The spotlight will shine on a different establishment or person each month, so watch this space for my take on my favourite Mt Lawley spots and personalities!