Whisky – The Best Winter Warmer

Whisky: Me babbling on about the little things I know about whisky, and a GIVEAWAY

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If you follow me on Instagram and Snapchat, you may get the sneaking suspicion that I like a good beverage. Correction: I love a good beverage. Now that isn’t as bad as it sounds. Contrary to popular belief, I am not an alcoholic. I enjoy alcohol in the same way that I enjoy fashion and learning about the latest and greatest in the fashion industry. As I mentioned back in my Brews in The Beer Garden post, learning about alcohol is a bit of a passion of mine, and as I become increasingly more involved in the hospitality industry, this eagerness to learn only grows. There is something so fascinating talking origins, fermentation and distillation of a liquor/brew while sipping away on a glass of it. Currently, I am quite heavily focussed on learning more about beer, aperitifs and whisky. All of the typically ‘masculine’ beverages it would seem.

As we are careering head first into the winter months, I have very quickly been working my way through the whisky lists at my favourite establishments. I have worked my way from smooth, to sweet, to peaty, (check out this fun little crash course in whisky to get an idea of what I am talking about) and have managed to consolidate a good list of favourites as well as learn a lot along the way. A newbie on my favourites list (that I was only introduced to recently) is the Tasmanian Nant whisky. I am not a fan of sweet whiskies (bourbon is a massive no-no in my books!), and Nant’s subtle sweet finish is the perfect compromise for someone who errs on the side of caution with sweeter beverages. Dubbed as a ‘women friendly’ whisky, the sherry oak aged whisky is a good starting point for those who aren’t so sure about the whisky world as it is smooth, slightly sweet at the end and easy on the palette in comparison to some of the other whiskies on the market.

Generally, the whisky and cola mix is seen as a gateway to getting to know whiskies. This is something I am 100% against, especially when it comes to a delicious, quality whisky such as Nant. In fact, I refuse to even drink my whisky on ice as it a) waters down the beverage and b) eliminates a lot of the complex flavours and spices that the whisky has to offer (it is like drinking a chilled red wine – you lose half of the beauty). The best way to tackle whisky is neat. Just a glass, your shot of whisky and all of the beautiful flavours. Alcohol burn is a given, but this is something you adjust to and learn to test yourself with. Hey, this is all a part of the fun of experiencing different whiskies!

I could go into a long spiel on the types of whiskies, the different flavours to expect from each type of whisky etc here… but to save you from reading a novel and to catapult you straight into the Nant whisky experience yourself, I have skipped that part and gone straight to the exciting part…


Nant Whisky and Little Miss Mon Bon are giving one lucky person the chance to win their very own bottle of Nant Single Malt Whisky, aged in American Oak Sherry Wood (valued at $165.00).

All you have to do is answer the following question in the comment section:

‘What river runs through Nant estate?’ (Hint: The answer can be found here)

The winner will be drawn on Monday 11th of May

**Australian entrants only

So get searching, get entering and hopefully you will get into the world of whisky (and might I add, a damn fine whisky at that!) before you know it!


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