Shrugging The ‘Last Season’ Label

What would autumn (ahem, it is technically winter now…) be without throwing about piles and piles of browned leaves?

Jacket from Live (similar here) | Boohoo dress (similar here) | Rivers scarf (similar here)
Photos by Adelle at Where The Styled Things Are

So here we are, technically 8 days into winter and I feel like we are a season behind. Our days are still a comfortable 22 degrees, the skies a nice shade of blue and the rain seems to be quite shy, choosing to only rear it’s head every now and then. Nobody really seems to be bothered by the fact that we are still enjoying autumn days, despite what astronomy and what-not tells us about when our seasons should officially fall. Turning a blind eye to what we are told, we are revelling for as long as we can in this no-wind, dry and clear weather. It isn’t ‘sooooo last season’, or no longer appreciated just because it is technically supposed to be a different season. 

Fashion, unfortunately, can be a little more fickle. People seem to derive so much pleasure in pointing out that ‘that’ iconic Chanel bag someone is carrying is now seasons old and is no longer ‘cool’. Yes, it was could be considered a risk buying such an expensive iconic and trend driven piece to begin with, but I say “Bah Humbug” because it doesn’t mean you can’t still rock it when another fashion ‘season’ rolls around. I put my hand up and admit to doing this all the time, choosing to still wear things I purchased 3 winters ago with pride. Making such a big fuss over ‘old season’ clothing only further drives the unsustainable view that fashion is fast and disposable, and my golly we spend a lot of money keeping up with the Kardashians latest and greatest each season as it is.
Yes, of course new season clothing is amazing, exciting and fun, but it doesn’t mean the rest of your wardrobe needs to become obsolete and your wallet as dry as the Sahara. Heck, this dress is from last summer and the shoes are nearing the 5 year mark, but I still continue to see the joy in them. Mixing my old wardrobe with just a few key new season pieces, and some classic ‘seasonally-ambiguous’ items, is a fun way to get more wear out of my existing wardrobe without sticking out like a sore thumb dressed in SS/14. Throwing a new jacket from Live, and a scarf my Nonna bought me from Rivers (bless her cotton socks!), over what is essentially an old outfit in my wardrobe, gives it a new and exciting lease on life.
So, I guess my point is, shrug off the fear of the ‘that is so last season’ label, and make the most of what you have!