The Mt Lawley Life: Mary St Bakery

The little coffee hub that just keeps on giving…


Mary Street Bakery sits smack bang on the corner of Beaufort St and the street that is it’s namesake, Mary St. If you haven’t yet been there, my bet is that you would at least have heard of Mary St (more than likely through my Instagram) and possibly have even added it to your ‘must try’ list. Although they are best known for their salted caramel doughnuts and beautifully mild, smooth Pound coffees, Mary St has so, so much more on offer.

With a breakfast menu that boasts some comforting old school favourites (to this day, I will still order the eggs and soldiers like a child) and a range of interesting Asian fusion dishes (pork schnitzel with kim chi, and mango coconut rice with shallots), Mary St has worked hard to set themselves apart from other more traditional breakfast serving establishments along the strip. Their grab-and-go options are just as interesting as their a la carte menu. From peanut butter and jam doughnuts, to homemade pies and freshly baked fruit loaves, Mary St definitely brings the sugar when it comes to the bakery side of their enterprise.

Their understated, Scandinavian like interior is as welcoming as their stellar team of staff members. There is wood in abundance, and a healthy array of ferns and flowers to liven up the white brick walls. Although a little tight when busy (which, let’s face it, is most of the time at Mary St), their main dining room is large, bright and airy, with a fantastic vista of Beaufort St – you could sit there and people watch for hours! If watching from afar isn’t quite your thing, the alfresco area extends along the cafe, all the way into El Publico’s space, so there is ample outdoor space to get your people watch on.

Above all, it is the staff that has me going back time and time again. Not only do they know my name, coffee order, license plate number, blood type and recessive genes that I carry, they are fun, engaging and never without a smile. Their hospitality, cheek and willingness to have a laugh with you over your breakfast is what makes a Mary St breakfast more than just a meal.

507 Beaufort St
Highgate, WA
PH: 0499 509 300