The Wardrobe Essential You Had No Idea You Needed: The Pink Coat

Move over black leather biker jacket, there is a new wardrobe staple in town!

Boohoo coat | Boohoo twin set | Dotti heels
Photos: Adelle at Where The Styled Things Are

Let’s be realistic… a pink coat isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when you think of winter wardrobe essentials, but I am convinced that it most definitely should be.

My list of wardrobe essentials differs from the stock standard list quite dramatically. I am the girl who does not own any of the following: a white button up shirt, black pants, a black leather jacket or a good quality blazer. I do however own high waisted leather pants, high waisted jeans, a pink coat and a black leather dress – all of which I consider to be some of my own wardrobe staples. To me, a ‘staple’ isn’t necessarily what everyone else is calling a staple, more those pieces that you go to time and time again to complete a look. Pieces that, every time you go to do a wardrobe cull, you don’t even question why it is still sitting in your wardrobe. If it has stood the test of time in your wardrobe, and can be paired with almost anything you own, it most probably deserves the ‘staple’ label.

My new essential pink coat has already proven itself over dresses, jeans, all white outfits and crazy patterned black two pieces. So far, it hasn’t disappointed. The gorgeous blush hue surprisingly goes with just about anything, and it has now replaced my tan cape as my most versatile piece of outerwear. For quite a dividing colour (you either love or hate pink!), the pink coat manages to pull together so many outfits!