5 things I ask myself when looking for a new brunch spot

For a few months now, myself, Adelle, Jenelle and Emily have been catching up over brunch on the regular. Four girls, four blogs, four different aesthetics and one mindset. Each little meeting, we choose somewhere different – somewhere we haven’t yet been, and somewhere we know will tick all the boxes. Recently, we ventured to Flora and Fauna, the most gorgeous little hole-in-the-wall in Northbridge. The food was delicious (and not to mention, picture perfect), the coffee mild and the fit out was super kitsch – all in all, it was a solid choice for our Saturday morning.

As it is the first meal of the day, choosing the right breakfast/brunch spot is vital. So what do I ask myself when I am looking for a good new brunch spot?

1. Is it Instagram worthy?
This sounds so ridiculously sad, but let’s face it, we are a social media driven world and I am a blogger. The more Instagrammable elements of a brunch spot, the more win! If you can entice me in with a mouthwatering photo of your food, you have already put a massive tick in one box.

2. Is the menu offering something a little bit outside of the box?
All the old favourites are comforting (everyone loves eggs benedict!), but showing a little bit of ingenuity always garners my attention. Different fusions of cuisines, interesting combinations or unexpected ingredients intrigue me, and get me super eager to try the menu.

3. Is the coffee good?
Simple. If you serve good coffee (and have fun cups/pretty latte art), I will be there.

4. What is the alfresco area like?
We live in WA. We live in almost eternal sunshine. There is no excuse to have a measly outdoor seating area. The more space there is outside to soak up the sunshine and people watch, the better.

5. What have I heard about the venue and the staff?
Word of mouth is the best form of advertising. I trust friend’s recommendations of venues more than anything. If I have heard good things about the food, the venue and the people from my friends I will be far more inclined to visit.

Are there any venues in Perth that tick all the boxes for you? We are always keen to road test new cafes, so please feel free to leave suggestions in the comments!