Catch Up: What’s Been Happening?

So what do I get up to when I am not behind the screen updating this space?

Supre top (similar here) | Vintage leather skirt | Betts heels (similar here)
Photos: Emily at She Does

You may have noticed that things have slowed down a little on the blog over the past few months. It has nothing to do with lack of motivation, but it has everything to do with lack of time. My circus skills are pretty sub-par, so the juggling act can be a little tough at times. Subsequently the number of blog posts I can pump out in a week has dropped a little bit – but I promise it is all in line with the adage: ‘quality over quantity’.

So, what has been keeping me so busy? Time to check in and debrief on what has been going on behind the scenes…

You may be aware that myself, Jenelle and Adelle have acquired a shared office space within an advertising agency. Not only has this helped us hone in on what we are doing and stay focussed, it has resulted in some pretty cool leads, and securing our first campaign with them! For the last few weeks, Adelle and I have been working our little butts off to assist in bringing a flatlay campaign for ECU (specifically their two campus open days) to life. If you happen to be at the Perth City train station, we would love for you to check out what we have been working on.

P.S. If you snap a photo and upload it to Instagram, hash-tagging #ecuopenday, you could even win an iPad!

Adelle and I also embarked on one of our biggest projects yet – a campaign for the hidden little gem, Times Square Claremont. After a good month or so of solid prep, we spent an entire day filming (while I was still battling with a bout of gastro! #behindthescenes) a series of short videos for the #comefindustsc campaign, with the intent of encouraging people to discover the fantastic stores housed in the shopping precinct.

You can check out all of the videos here

Keeping with the Claremont theme, I also started guest blogging for Claremont Quarter. I have thus far had the pleasure of eating my way around the Quarter twice (yes, I love what I do!), and already have another two fantastic stories in the line up for you over the coming months.

Visit the Claremont Quarter blog to follow my food journey so far

So as you can see, things have been getting pretty busy up here, and in amongst all of these exciting happenings, I still have to keep my content going. So, along with all of this, there have been endless shoots with friends, hours and hours spent attached to my emails and many nights out attending events galore. Over the coming weeks and months, I still have a whole bunch of exciting content and campaigns to share with you, so stay tuned… even if it is only twice a week these days!