Makeup For The Girl Who Doesn’t Wear Makeup: A Natural Day Time Look



A light and natural day time look for girls who don’t often wear much makeup

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My love hate relationship with makeup has been well documented over the years on Little Miss Mon Bon. My thoughts on makeup stem partially from the fact that I don’t really know how to do it so well (I mean, I am no Chloe Morello!) and because I feel like I am not ‘me’ when I am wearing it. Over the past six or so months, I have been experimenting with different products a little more and I am slowly creeping out of my ‘mascara only’ comfort zone. Despite my refined stage makeup skills (namely eye makeup) gained in the 10+ years that I performed, I don’t often exercise my skills as I don’t wear makeup that much at all. I feel as though my stage makeup skills are going to waste, and that I still have so much to learn about every day makeup, so I am trying to meet somewhere in the middle and combine what I do know and what I still have to explore.

So, as of today, I am starting the new segment ‘Makeup for the girl who doesn’t wear makeup’, for other women who are just like me – lovers of makeup and how beautiful it can be, but women who don’t often indulge in a fully fledged makeup look. By no means am I an expert at this, but I hope this will be a space where women similar to me – who like and appreciate makeup, but prefer to keep their looks quick, simple and as natural looking as possible – can find useful hints and tips, and ask questions.

To kick things off, I am starting with a clean, day time look.

I am a massive fan of winged liner and what it does for your eye shape, so it only seemed natural that I experiment with different coloured liquid liners for day and night. As much as I love a good, bold, black cat eye, sometimes I feel it can be a little too harsh for the day time, especially if you are not used to wearing eye makeup during the day. This Prestige Cosmetics bronze liquid eyeliner is not only the perfect subtle tone for day light hours (and a fun one for parties too!), but it’s long paint brush like applicator is so easy to use and it is an absolute steal from Priceline. The subtle tone gently accentuates the eye, without making it too apparent that you are wearing makeup – the perfect stepping stone into adding some colour to your lids. To complete the look, keep it simple by adding a matt lip colour in a nude shade.

As this is the first beauty post of it’s kind, I thought I would throw it out to my readers to see what you would like to see on here… 
Are you someone who doesn’t really know too much about makeup or skin care? Do you want to know how to get ready for an event in 15 minutes? Ask away in the comments section below or email and I will see what I can do…