Post Birthday Round Up

The last 5 days have been so incredibly busy and I finally have 2 seconds to sit, breathe and recap…

Supre crop | Hello Parry skirt | My Secret Agent Lover Man necklace
Photos: Jun at Artist Liaison

What a whirlwind birthday weekend that was (well, I am going to say ‘birthday week’ because, let’s face it, we all draw it out as much as possible don’t we?)! Turning 25 was a lot of fun, and if my last 5 days are anything to go by, the rest of the year is going to be an absolute corker. I was ridiculously spoilt by my friends and family, and I was completely inundated with beautiful birthday messages, well wishes and presents. It is mind blowing how many people actually care to send you a few words on your birthday – rest assured, every single message was read, felt and appreciated, even if I didn’t get the chance to respond. Outside of the birthday festivities, there was a lot that went down in the last few days.

The weekend was full of fanciful affairs. I spent Friday night (or ‘birthday eve’) with the Fit Club Perth girls wining and dining at StyleAid, Saturday night dancing away with Perth Lifestyle Blogger at the Black Diamond Gala dinner, and Sunday night drinking with friends at some of my favourite local bars. In amongst the formal arrangements, I fit in breakfast at Bib & Tucker, lunch with a friend and a teeny bit of recovery time on the couch. As it goes, there is never really a time when I am not working or at least thinking about work, so Monday was straight back to the grind with a 7.00am hair and makeup call of our Fit Club Perth campaign shoot with Ryan Ammon (in collaboration with SC Makeup Artistry, Game of Braids and Lorna Jane). Jenelle, Adelle, Emily, Ryan and I worked our little tooshies off, so we are hoping you all love the end results and want to see even more from Fit Club Perth (keep an eye out for the campaign launch in the coming days!).

Monday didn’t end at the wrap of our photo shoot… I was straight off to pick up my new Volvo from Barbagallo (follow my #volvobloggerdrive adventures over the next 2 weeks on Instagram) and then my brand spanking new gold Macbook! For those of you who know me personally, you will know this was a sound investment (ahem, birthday present to myself), as my recently ridded of 6 year old Macbook was embarrassingly trashed. After settling in with my new Macbook, it was straight into emails and planning the next lot of exciting collaborations which, by the way, are looking to be big! I wish I could share all of these things with you right here and now, but nobody wants to ruin a surprise now do they?!

Any how, that was my crazy busy weekend in a nutshell for you… for now, it is off to send more emails and edit more photos! Adios Amigos!