Welcome to the ‘Fit Club Perth’!

FCP Launch Post 11

Fit Club Perth has now launched, and we are asking people to come and #jointheclub!


Photographer: Ryan Ammon | Hair: Game of Braids | Makeup: SC Artistry | Clothing: Lorna Jane


You would have seen sneak peeks all over Instagram and Facebook, so it should come as no surprise that we are over the moon to finally launch our next big venture, Fit Club Perth!

Founded by Adelle (Where The Styled Things Are), Emily (She Does), Jenelle (Inspiring Wit) and I, Fit Club Perth is a non-exclusive group that aims to inspire, and encourage healthy, active lifestyles. Born out of both a desire to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, and the realisation that we all have the same fitness goals (and opportunities landing in our inbox!), Fit Club Perth is all about exercising with friends and having fun (coffee and brunch included!). More than just a digital space, Fit Club Perth brings a tangible element to ‘fitness blogging’. It is all well and good for us to tell you how amazing a particular form of exercise, or some new activewear technology is, but we believe that you can’t really get the full picture unless you just experience it yourself. Every body is different, and everyone wants something different from the physical activity that they engage in, so it is important to get out and give it a go.

We all know how hard sticking to a strict regime is, but we found that by booking into classes together we were far more likely to stick to a regime than if we were going it alone. Plus, who can resist a cheeky post-workout brunch with friends?! It is this principle that pushed us to the idea of inviting you, our readers, along to try new forms of exercise, new activewear products and delicious new treats with us.

Head to our website to read up more about each founding member, and while you are there, don’t forget to sign up to receive updates – we will let you know when we have communal classes planned that you can sign up for! To keep up to date with our day to day activities, follow along at @fitclubperth onInstagram, and Fit Club Perth on Facebook!

We can’t wait to kick off our first event – which isn’t going to be too far away – and share some of the content we have already curated. We hope you are just as excited as we are, we can’t wait for you to #jointheclub!


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