Road Testing Xtend Barre and Lululemon


Xtend Barre – a ballet inspired workout.

We all know this is right up my alley… so, what did I think? Read ahead to find out!


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Don’t get me started on Ballet. Honestly, I could go on forever about how much I adore ballet and anything remotely related to ballet. It goes without saying that when myself and the Fit Club Perth girls were invited down to the Xtend Barre Perth studio, I was beside myself with excitement.

The photos I had seen of the dreamy studio, and the blatant ballet references conjured up all sorts of ideas in my mind – namely ideas of some sort of beautiful pilates/yoga/ballet blend. It sounded like just my type of work out! With the excitement of once again getting to exercise my learned ballet techniques, I kitted myself out in my best ‘ballet-esque’ Lululemon gear and jumped into classes with the girls head first!

Not quite what I was expecting, the aerobics style work out was rather cardio based and kept you – quite literally – on your toes (demi-pointe was not used sparingly!). Set to a soundtrack of dance remixes, my resistance based ballet technique went straight out the window in a bid to keep up with the ‘tempo’ steps. Admittedly, I was always an adagio girl, excelling at the slow, graceful ballet steps. I tended to lag slightly when it came to the quick paced allegro section of ballet, so I really found it hard to apply myself 100% in the tempo xtend exercises – partially due to my preference for graceful movement, and partially due to my fear of injuring myself by completing the move too quickly.

I came into form in the pilates and stretch based exercises. Promoting strength and flexibility, these moves were far more my style. Again, these steps were performed on demi-pointe a fair bit, which sent you into shakes and muscle burn territory almost instantly (there is no better sign of an intense workout in my eyes!). Despite the difficulty in maintaining these positions without a grimace on my face, I found it easier to assume correct ballet/pilates alignment in the slower movements as, unlike the tempo steps, I really got the chance to analyse my form in the mirror.

More loosely based on ballet than I had anticipated, Xtend Barre is a bit of an introduction to some of the dance technique that makes dancers the strong, well rounded athletes that they are. If you are looking for something more dance based, Xtend Barre probably isn’t the right class, however it is definitely a good cardio and thigh work out! If you want to give Xtend a go and see if it is the right work out for you, head to their website now to take advantage of their ‘new client special‘ – unlimited classes for 2 weeks for just $49.00!

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