Little Miss Mon Bon: Life Update

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It has been one full week since I last posted and, let’s face it, I barely blogged at all last week. So, what has been happening in the land of Mon? Time for a little life update…


Jeanswest dress | Live jacket | Op-shopped heels
Photos: Jenelle at Inspiring Wit

The last week has been a ridiculously busy one. In preparation for the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival this week, I have been chained to my desk and computer. It may all look like glitz and glamour sitting in on runway show after runway show, but believe you me, it is just as tiring as it is fun. And the prep is just as exhausting! Last week I spent umpteen hours responding to invite emails, organising outfits with designers, booking in appointments and trying to work out my schedule (personal and blog) for this week. While I have been stuck in amidst all of the TPFF emails, the Fit Club Perth inbox has overflowed and other emails to Little Miss Mon Bon have been flowing in thick and fast… it is all a go-go!

Speaking of Fit Club, we also got to spend a good amount of time involving ourselves in fitness events over the weekend. We were lucky enough to be trained twice by celebrity trainer Max Philisaire at the Fitness and Health expo, and we got to see some of the latest activewear first hand at the Karrinyup activewear launch and the Lululemon ‘pants party’. It is amazing to see such a huge focus on health and fitness at the moment, and even better to see people starting to get their fitness mojo back! Outside of fitness events, I also made my way to Garden City and Frame in Subiaco to see what they had on offer for Spring/Summer 2015.

In my spare time (hah, good one Mon) I, for some reason, decided that it was a grand idea to move houses (yet again) right in the middle of this activity peak. I still haven’t managed to quite settle in yet, but I am getting there slowly. The boxes are being unpacked one at a time, with a few emails and some photo editing happening in between. I think I can safely say that this will be my last move for a long while. Being my 6th home in the last 1.5 years, I sure as hell hope I am here indefinitely. Plus, I am right in the heart of all the Highgate action – I can just about send a zip line from my bedroom window to Mary St Bakery for my daily morning coffee these days, and I am lucky enough to be welcomed to my street with a barrage of gorgeous blooms from one of the local flower markets. Yep, I think I am going to like it here.

So, that has been my life for the last week to week and a half. A whole lot of packing, unpacking, reading emails, sending emails, gathering content and editing photos. This week will be much the same, so please bear with me if things are a little slow around here! I will be heading to a few shows at TPFF this week, so if stories aren’t up on here straight away, keep track over on my Instagram or add me on Snapchat (@missmonbon)!

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