My Relaxation Essentials – Tulips, Fresh One Coffee and Literature


Finding some ‘me’ time can be a little difficult at the best of times, so when I do find a spare moment, how do I like to spend it?…



Post sponsored by Fresh One Coffee and Fresh Flowers

One of the hardest things about maintaining an online presence is learning when to just ‘switch off’. Even if I swear to myself that I will put my computer down and head out for the day, I still access my emails on my phone, I am constantly spotting cute scenarios to snap for my Instagram and my phone sounds like a juke box with notifications going off left right and centre. Being online really is a never ending job.

In the interest of looking after my health and mental stability a little more, I have been scheduling in more time each week to ‘just be Mon’, and take a break from my Little Miss Mon Bon duties. During TPFF last week, I skipped out on a whole heap of shows to go and hang out at some weekend barbecues (at which I left my phone in my bag, in the kitchen!) and in the week prior, I spent a fair amount of time away from my computer, allowing myself some time to settle in to my new pad. With these major events now out of the way, I have that little bit more time up my sleeve in which to schedule time for myself.

To me, relaxation is all about keeping my mind off work and occupying my mind with anything other than the digital world I am so embroiled in. One of my new favourite ways to unwind – since I have found the magic that is the pencilling in of me time – is in a cosy spot with some of my creature comforts: a big mug of piping hot coffee (Fresh One coffee beans are my go-to!), a good book and a little bit of ambiance. Lately I have been using scented tea light candles and ordering myself some bouquets from Fresh Flowers, an online florist based in Sydney.

How do you look after yourself, relax and unwind? Share your ideas with me in the comments below!