Wearing All White Shoes



White shoes aren’t as scary as they look or sound (not that they make noises)



Sportsgirl dress and bag | Nike Roshe Runs
Photos: Jenelle at Inspiring Wit


As mentioned previously, I have always tiptoed around the idea of sneakers – especially all white ones. I had this preconceived idea that sneakers were so 90’s (never, ever do I want to see a pair of white Etnies again) or the epitome of uncool (I will say it again, Jerry Seinfeld)… and I guess I always knew deep down that my love affairs with coffee and red wine would be made aware to my kicks all too soon.

This is something I hear all too often – ‘oh my gosh, I love white shoes but I know I will get them so dirty so quickly’. Look, even I know that I am going to get them dirty but they are shoes, they are made for keeping your feet clean and safe while trekking it across dirty ground. I would rather a pair of dirty white shoes than dirty feet. Gross. Yes, your white shoes will get dirty at some point, just like all the other shoes you wear to death, so why should the concern that they are going to get dirty stop you from purchasing a pair of shoes in (in my opinion) one of the most versatile colours available?

Anyway, the ‘dirty white shoe’ conundrum aside, white sneakers are my go-to casual shoe. Not only are they ridiculously comfortable, but they can be paired with just about anything. Much easier to do than an all black sneaker, the all white sneaker is feminine whilst still adding the right amount of edgy cool to an outfit.

How do you do your white sneakers?