My Favourite Summer Activities


The summer sun makes everyone come alive. With more hours of sunshine to play with, outdoor activities become the activities of choice during the summer months.


Lululemon Salty Swim top and bottoms
Photographer: Ryan Ammon

As soon as the mercury begins to rise, I find myself making any excuse to be outdoors – even if it is just shifting my work station to our outdoor setting and getting things done from the sanctuary of our courtyard. There is nothing better than the sound of cicadas, wearing floaty little sundresses and feeling the warm sunshine on your face. We are so blessed to live in a picturesque, sunshiney country, so it seems a complete waste to not make the most of the outdoors while you can. As a self confessed sunshine lover and water baby, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite summer activities to get you outside, enjoying the sunshine and maybe even fitting in a little fitness while you can.

Early morning swims

If you follow me on snapchat (@missmonbon) you would have seen and heard a little about how nostalgic early morning beach trips are for me. In summer, my dad, brother and I used to pop across to the beach pre 8.00am, have a dip in the motionless water and then, in the case of my brother and I, jump on the school bus and head to school, hair still all wet and salty. With the temperatures reaching the late 20’s quite early in the morning in the midst of summer, fitting in a dip while the air is still crisp and fresh is beautifully refreshing. Treat yourself every now and then and skip your morning jog or gym session, and make a beeline for the beach instead. If you feel guilty, you can join a bootcamp session at a local beach, or go for a jog along the sand.

A picnic at the park

It sounds so cliche and somewhat lame, but when you actually make the effort to spend some time down at the park, it is so rewarding! Go it alone and take a good book to read, or head down with a group of friends, put the men on BBQ patrol (don’t forget the al foil!) and feast on some shared dishes. Kings Park is a picnic hotspot – with umpteen different parks and views – and Hyde Park has enough tree cover to protect from the harsh midday sun.

Sunday sessions

Cap off your week with a lazy afternoon spent with your friends and a good drop in the sunshine. Summer is synonymous with Sunday sessions (and that sentence is a perfect example of strong alliteration skills), and you will be hard pressed to find an establishment that isn’t buzzing with activity come the later hours of the afternoon. I love to head down to the large, shady beer garden at my local, The Brisbane, or if I want something a little different, a trip to the coast to visit The Beach Club at The Cottesloe Beach Hotel (which relaunched for summer just the other night) is always a winner.

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