Spring Racing Ouftit: Standing Out By Staying Minimal


Stand out in a sea of floral dresses by wearing something completely out of the gate box this Spring racing season…


Jeanswest vest | Jeanswest pants | Zu heels | Betts Clutch | Target Headpiece
Photos: Adelle at Where The Styled Things Are


From sculptural headpieces and cutting edge dresses, to simple hair accessories and sweet little twin set, spring racing outfits can take many shapes and forms. One of the only events of the year that your headwear gets dusted off, spring racing fashion is a whole other style of it’s own. My choice of eye-catching race wear may come as a surprise you all, as it is not your usual suspect, nor is it something I would normally be pegged to pick. So why did I go for the black two piece suit as my spring racing outfit pick? Simple. It is just so, well, simple.

In a sea of floral dresses, bright colours and crazy headpieces, a striking pant suit with clean, minimal accessories will be sure to make a statement. A statement of a different kind, but a statement none-the-less. If you are unsure about dishing out for a beautiful piece of millinery, the pantsuit is a way that you can ensure you will stand out this spring racing season, but with a little less investment. Teamed with neutral accessories, and a headpiece that wouldn’t look out of place if worn again on any given day, the two-piece suit is a practical solution to race day outfit needs.

Would you be bold enough to don an all black two piece to the races this season?

SM-Spring-racing-Little-Miss-Mon-Bon-Jeanswest-Zu5 SM-Spring-racing-Little-Miss-Mon-Bon-Jeanswest-Zu4 SM-Spring-racing-Little-Miss-Mon-Bon-Jeanswest-Zu2 SM-Spring-racing-Little-Miss-Mon-Bon-Jeanswest-Zu