Spring/Summer Sleepwear by Hunter-Rose


Slinky, silky and soft, I long for summer sleepwear year round!



Hunter-Rose Sleepwear jumpsuit
Photos: Adelle at Where The Styled Things Are on top the Alex Hotel rooftop

It is fairly safe to assume that there is a common appreciation for warm, winter sleepwear. The ‘soft fuzzy socks, new flannelette set, slippers and doona fort’ combination is one that not many could turn down on a cold, stormy night. Despite the comforting warmth of good winter sleepwear, I am a summer girl at heart, and I long for balmy summer nights in cute little slips more than I do blustery nights in big fluffy bath robes.

During Fit Club Perth’s recent overnight staycation at the Alex Hotel, I finally got the chance to road test my newest summer sleepwear addition from Hunter-Rose, and it is fair to say that I was pretty excited (see: silly dance moves). One of the main reasons that I love slinky summer sleepwear so much is that, well, I tend to sleep with little more than knickers on. I have a fear of being restricted while I sleep (tightly tucked hotel beds are my idea of hell!), so I wear as few layers as I can to minimise the risk of entangling myself. Sleepwear, for me, generally plays the purpose of pre and post bed cover ups. If I have to slide into some pyjamas to get around the house, I want them to be as loose and comfortable as possible – almost mimicking that nude feel.

This little number from Hunter-Rose does just that. Almost as backless as clothing can be, this jumpsuit is extremely bare-feel, and it is designed in such a way so as to not scream ‘I am wearing pyjamas outside the house’. The ‘pyjamas but not pyjamas’ design element is perfect, as it meant that even as I was roaming the hallways (and rooftop) of the Alex Hotel, the other patrons would be none the wiser to the fact that I was in fact wearing my pyjamas. I could almost get away with wearing my slinky, silky pyjamas down to the local IGA! Then again, on second thoughts, pyjamas shouldn’t be seen outside the house, regardless of how pretty they are…

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