Staycation with Alex Hotel



(noun) informal
a holiday spent in one’s home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions.

A little while ago, the Fit Club Perth girls and I were invited on a staycation with the boutique hotel, Alex Hotel. It was just what the doctor ordered…


A few months back, the Fit Club Perth girls and I were treated to a night in – a ‘staycation’ – with Alex Hotel. I had heard a lot of good things about the Alex, and from what I had seen it looked incredible, so I was more than eager to get in there for the night. The girls and I work together so very closely, and see each other a few times each week, but it had dawned on us that we never really ‘just catch up’. To be honest, before our overnight stay, none of us could even remember the last time we just had a good, honest catch up. By the time our weekend away in our own city came around, Jenelle was a week out of her European escapades and had a lot on her mind, I was up to my ears in proposals that seemed to be leading to dead ends, Adelle was overworked by her graphic design job, and Emily was feeling the pressures of juggling work, motherhood and blogging. To say it was a welcome getaway was an understatement.

In true ‘girls weekend’ style, we got a bunk room. Yes, a ‘high school camp’ style bunk room – only much more sophisticated. In keeping with the entire hotel’s Scandinavian minimalistic design (a collaborative effort between Arent&Pyke and Douglas and Bec) the room was simple and sleek, housing our bunks, a bench with a bottle of water, and not much else. It isn’t to everyone’s tastes, but I like the idea of keeping as little as possible in the room as it forces you to either be 100% engaged with your company, or it gets you out of your room, meeting people and sightseeing. If we weren’t in our room goofing around like teenagers, we were taking in the sights of the city from the magnificent rooftop space, catching up over a beverage from the honour-system bar in the cosy communal area, or tackling Northbridge and all of it’s wonderful sights, smells and sounds.

With no cable TV or room service, we were almost forced to escape our room and explore what Northbridge had to offer. We spent our day shopping up a storm on William St (with pitstops at Merge, Ruck Rover, Ollie & Sons and Periscope), before a relaxing yoga class with Yoga Alchemy and a cheeky stop in to indulge in a naughty cake shake from Tea for Tu. As if our day wasn’t action packed enough, round 2 started with a champagne sunset on the rooftop before heading out to enjoy the nightlife of Northbridge. I have been there before to drink, but I had never sat down to a meal at The Standard. It is safe to say I was nothing short of impressed. Good, honest food (with some fancy thrown in) with good service and a relaxed atmosphere. We could have spent hours sitting and chatting, but it was on to Jimmy’s Den to catch some live music, and then to the long-standing nightclub, ‘The Court‘, to boogie away into the night.

If I hear another person complain about Perth being boring, they are going to get it from me!

Not only was our staycation the perfect chance for us to all get together and spend some quality time, we also got to rediscover our own city and fall in love with it all over again. It is funny how removing yourself from the comfort of your own home makes you see things in such a different way. Being a tourist in our own town was so much fun, and getting to do it all whilst housed in one of Perth’s most modern, forward thinking hotel’s was an absolute pleasure. With Jenelle due back any day now, we are due for another staycation and catch up (there will be many stories to tell!)… who knows, we may well just wind up back here!

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