What’s In My Bag: The Welcome to The Valley Festival Edit


Want to know how to pack your bag smart bag for a festival? Read ahead to find out what you should be packing!


Status Anxiety Wasteland Handbag | Status Anxiety Maud Wallet | Quay Eyewear Chinadoll Sunglasses | Running Bare filter water bottle | Spundies


With Welcome to The Valley happening just next weekend – festival #2 of the season for me – I thought I would walk you through the things that I pack in my bag to take to a festival. Most of my friends laugh at the size of my bag, and they laugh even harder when they find out what I have actually packed, but I have the last laugh when I am the only hero that can bandage up the blisters of the over-enthusiastic dancer. Normally, I carry a leather backpack with me to festivals. It’s 2 large shoulder straps leave your hands free, and it zips up to keep everything secure. With Welcome to The Valley being more food and drink oriented for the first part of the day, followed by a line-up of ‘non-thrashy dance’ style music for the second part of the day, I can get away with carrying a large tote bag instead.

So, why do I insist on carrying such a large bag? Well that is all because I am the queen of over-preparing and, for me to be confident that I have every possible scenario covered, I must carry all of the following with me to any festival I attend:

  • Filter water bottle – Most festivals will allow you to enter with an empty water bottle. These days, festivals will also hand out water for free at the bar, but if you want to avoid the lines or don’t want to leave what you are doing to go and get a cup of water, bring your own filter water bottle to fill up from any of the marked taps around the festival.
  • Coin purse – carrying your entire wallet to a festival is a recipe for disaster. Not only is it big, bulky and heavy, but if you manage to misplace it at any point in the day you will literally lose everything. Pull all of the things that you will need on the day (bank card, ID and cash at the most) and keep it in a coin purse for the day. If you get one in a bright colour or pattern (like this Status Anxiety one I got from The Style Merchant) then you will be able to find it easily in amongst all the other things in your bag.
  • Medical kit – My medical kit consists of the following: Panadol, bandaids, Berroca and even diarrhea relief tablets. I said I like to be prepared. The last thing anyone wants at a festival is to be caught out in the port-a-loos for their favourite acts! It may seem a little over the top, but the day I don’t pack it will be the day that it is needed. I always find that Panadol and Berroca come in handy towards the end of the day when everyone is feeling the effects of the sun and alcohol.
  • Spare underwear – this is one of those inclusions that my friends always laugh at and question the necessity of. I always pack spare undies (and recently, the cute as, one-wear, tin disguised Spundies). Ever planned on going home after a festival only to find you end up back at a friends house dancing in their living room until 3.00am (or, errrrmmmm something else)? This is where the spare underwear comes in handy. There have been countless times where I had every intention of going home, but ended up curling up to sleep in a spare bed at somebody else’s house. Now, I don’t know about you, but when I wake up and venture into the real world, I like to feel fresh right from my eyebrows to my toes, and that includes slipping into a pair of fresh underwear.
  • Hand sanitiser, baby wipes and tissues – We all know how grubby and short stocked the port-a-loos can get when they are servicing tens of thousands of drunken punters. Enter the listed items.
  • Sunglasses – this is fairly self explanatory really. But, I do always make sure I take a big, thick rimmed pair (like these Quay Eyewear ones from The Style Merchant) so that when I need to pop them in my bag, or on my head, they withstand a little bit of rough love.
  • Phone charger – If you go VIP to a festival, there is generally a special tent that you can go to charge up your phone. Rather than freak out that your phone will die before you have to get home, bring your charger and prepare yourself for the end of the night.
  • Snacks – I sound like the ultimate grandma here. I make a good point though because, even ignoring the fact I am gluten intolerant, finding a decent feed at a festival can be a hard task (with the exception of food based festivals such as Welcome to The Valley). I like to pack little fruit and nut packs, muesli bars and little packs of rice crackers to sustain me through out the day. It beats paying $10.00 for some soggy hot chips from a food van at a music festival!
If you fancy some sunshine, good food, delicious beverages and happy tunes, Welcome To The Valley is happening in the Swan Valley on Saturday Oct 24th. You can get your tickets here.