Accessorising for the Party Season with TotallyJewel


Purchasing a whole new outfit and accessories to be event ready can be a costly exercise, but it really doesn’t need to be.


TotallyJewel necklace, ring and earrings | Le Specs sunglasses | Zu heels | Jurlique calming mist and serum | Say It With Polish x Brown Brothers polishes

Although it is still another 1.5 weeks away, my preparations for the Lion King musical opening night are well under way. Unlike New York or London, it is quite rare that Perth sees a such a large production roll through town, so what better way to celebrate a new musical hitting our city than going all out and dressing up to the nines?

One thing I am notorious for forgetting about is accessories. You see, I am a pretty simple girl and I like things I own to have some sort of functionality or practicality outside of them being something nice to look at. In short, I don’t often wear statement jewellery because, well, despite it being stunning, it isn’t necessarily the most practical thing to incorporate into a wardrobe. More often than not, I will accessorise my outfit with some simple, every day pieces of jewellery (sterling silver stacking rings, fine chain bracelets etc) and let the pieces of clothing do the talking. In saying that, every now and then (the Lion King musical opening night being one such occasion) I just want to glam up, feel special and wear a big, sparkly piece of jewellery.

My sporadic desire to wear statement jewellery is not quite convincing enough to justify going out and purchasing pieces that would feel right at home in an upscale jewellery store thanks to their exorbitant price tag. Instead, should I feel the need arise, I browse more affordable costume jewellery stores, or order online from TotallyJewel. Without causing too much damage to the budget, I can pick up fun, statement pieces to play around with, and not feel guilty should I not get to utilise them as much as I would a pair of diamond studs. Budget friendly qualities aside, I still opt for more simple statement pieces to increase the probability that they will get pulled out on a more regular basis than, say, a bright red stone necklace.

I keep my party season accessories sleek and minimal, throwing in a statement piece every now and then to spice it up at short notice. With my budget friendly statement stones acting as the building blocks for my opening night outfit, it is now down to choosing an elegantly simple dress, slipping on my nude heels and adding a dash of colour to my digits.