How To Get A Flawless Summer Tan


Is your skin looking a little lacklustre post winter? Follow my 3 easy steps below to rejuvenating your skin…


Skinny Tan Gradual Tanner | Fresh One Body Coffee Scrub


Suns out, guns out! With the temperature on the rise, and the amount of clothing that is necessary for survival on the decline, it is time to get your summer glow on. Say goodbye to dry, dull skin and ‘hello’ to glow! Admittedly, fake tanning isn’t something I do on the regular, but I like going through the process whenever my skin is looking a little less than desirable, or if there is an event I want to feel extra special for, to give it some extra love and attention.

Step 1: Get smooth

The first step in the tanning process is taking care of those pesky hairs. Shaving is the quickest, most cost effective way to get your pins silky smooth, but if you are prone to ingrown hairs or have sensitive skin, waxing (hard wax, not strip) is a better option for your lady parts (the lesser frequency required when waxing gives your skin more time to heal in between sessions). Note: forget the moisturiser post hair removal and pre-tan. You want to minimise any risk there is of streaking or things getting patchy.

Step 2: Scrub-dub-dub

Exfoliation is a must before applying any form of tan – unless you are cool with having weird mottled spots about the place. Recently, I have been scrubbing down with Fresh One Body‘s natural coffee scrubs. I personally think that they are much easier to use than an exfoliating brush as you have much more control over pressure and direction, plus they smell absolutely delicious (choc-mint anyone?!). For someone a who hates spending a lot of time on beauty routines (one of the many reasons I don’t wear much makeup), an in-shower coffee scrub is a quick and easy way to get your skin ‘tan ready’.

Step 3: Apply and Marinate

Personally, I feel safest in using a gradual tan when I am tanning at home, I feel like there is less that can go wrong (I have been using Skinny Tan and thus far, no problems!). If I don’t like the tan after one application, it isn’t going to impact too greatly on me. Starting from the ankles up, I work very methodically in the application to ensure that there is no skin missed (including arm pits!). No matter what tan I am using, I always like to apply it an hour or so before bed, letting it develop overnight before showering in the morning. Gradual tanners tend to leave very little residue and are safer on light sheets than a spray tan, but if you are worried about staining your sheets, buy a cheap pair of black sheets for ‘tanning purposes only’. Don’t forget to apply sparingly around ankles, wrists and knees to avoid dark patches there – even apply some moisturiser to these spots before tanning to limit tan absorption.