What is Your Signature?


There are some things are always going to be so undeniably ‘you’


Jeanswest jumpsuit | Misano sandals | Vintage headscarf | Quay Eyewear sunglasses
Photographer: Ryan Ammon

It had been a long while since I tied a giant bow in my hair, and when I turned up to the re-launch of The Beach Club at the Cottesloe Beach Hotel, with a bright patterned head scarf, it was immediately a point of conversation. I was surprised by how many people mentioned that they hadn’t seen my ‘trademark headscarf’ in a very long time. To me, the headscarf was just something I wore because I liked it (and it hid my frizzy, unruly hair). But, as became apparent, my headscarf is actually something that people associate with me. Just like my top knot (a hair style I adopted out of pure laziness), printed clothes and anything involving flexibility. They are all a part of my ‘signature look’ or ‘typical Mon’. In one way, it sort of bugged me that people think I am so predictable, but in another way it made me happy to see people come to know me for the things that I am happiest in wearing and doing (I am yet to have people praise me for doing the splits in the middle of a bar though. Working on it).

A person’s signature or trademark comes about through a combination of frequency and credibleness. If you were born with a crazy curly ‘fro, chances are people are going to see yourself and your ‘fro as synonymous – you can’t get rid of it (anyone who tries to straighten it out needs a good talking to) and nothing is more believable than the assets you were born with. For things that involve choice, say ‘always wearing a bowler hat’, a different ratio of frequency and credibility come into play. Sure, people may still believe you if you wear it frequently, but your credibility involves many more factors. If you are in the slightest bit uncomfortable in what you are wearing or forcing it just for the attention (the term ‘peacocking’ comes into mind), it sticks out like a Twin Pole in a sea of Bubble-O-Bill’s. Whether something suits you is more about your confidence in wearing it than it is anything else, so if you aren’t confident and comfortable rocking something, people fail to believe you.

Rant aside, your trademark is something that is undeniably you. It could be that face you pull when the camera man says ‘cheese’, or the stack of bangles your mum gave you that you never take off; or it could be the freckles on your face and the gap between your front teeth. Whatever it is, it is a characteristic and believable part of you.

What would you consider to be your signature look or trademark?

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