The Black Jumpsuit 2 Ways: Christmas Dinner


Because changing your entire outfit between an already busy Christmas lunch and Christmas dinner is a bit too much effort… enter the black jumpsuit


Jeanswest jumpsuit | Betts heels | TotallyJewel necklace
Photos: Emily at She Does


Last week, I bought you the first instalment of the ‘The Black Jumpsuit’ two part series – a semi-casual colour punctuated outfit made for comfort at a long, filling Christmas lunch.

Today, I bring you the second part of the series – the same black jumpsuit styled up for Christmas dinner.

With little more than some accessory changes and a shoe change, this black pantsuit can easily transition from day to night, without compromising on comfort. This Christmas is going to involve a lot of running around for me, so comfort and ease is absolutely essential where I can get it. From Mt Lawley to Ellenbrook to Bunbury and surrounds, there will be a lot of car travel and a lot of eating this Christmas (and evidently, a whole lot of sleeping to follow!). The loose, flowing fit of this jumpsuit leaves enough breathing room for the cramped car travel, bloated post-Christmas-lunch belly, and falling asleep on the couch at mum’s after final Christmas dinner drinks. I can even hide my bikini under it for cheeky post lunch, pre dinner beach visits…

What is your Christmas looking like this year? Busy? Or maybe it is just a low key BBQ with the family?

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